Documentation: Post Types

Post Type Background and Usage

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  • Listing of custom post types outlined with examples below
  • All post types need a custom icon
  • Custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies are created and managed by Advanced Custom Fields Pro unless otherwise noted


  • Used for: Blog posts
  • Plugin(s) used:
    • WordPress (default post types)
  • Slug: /blog


Custom Fields

  • N/A



  • Categories (default WordPress)
  • Tags (default WordPress)



Custom Fields

  • Event Registration URL (event_registration_url)
    • Type = Text
    • For external registration link
    • Can be used to override the event link/event single page
    • Can be used as a button on the event page for “RSVP” or similar 
  • Related Resource (events_related_resources)
    • Type = bi-directional relationship
    • Relationship should be set at the Resource level. Resource needs corresponding bi-directional relationship field.
  • Related Team (events_related_team)
    • Type = bi-directional relationship
    • Relationship should be set at the Team level. Team needs corresponding bi-directional relationship field.


  • Event Categories (default Tribe Events)
  • Tags (default WordPress)


Custom Fields

  • Facility Description
    • Type= Text
    • Intro paragraph 
  • Facility Services
    • Type= WYSIWYG Editor 
    • Bulleted list of services provided.
  • Facility Contact Information
    • Type= WYSIWYG Editor 
    • All contact information
  • Service Description
    • Type= WYSIWYG Editor 
    • Descriptor
  • Attachment
    • Type= Repeater
      • File Download
        • Type=File
    • Ability to add downloadable media from the library (I.E. .PDF’s) Should be styled as buttons on frontend.
  • Video Link
    • Type= oEmbed
    • External video link (Youtube). Video Should display on the page.


  • Custom Taxonomy (Service Type)
    • Administrative Services
    • Residential Services
    • Inpatient Services
    • Outpatient Services
  • Custom Taxonomy (Service Provider)
    • SEMCOA
    • High Point Treatment Center