Patients receive treatment for their addiction and/or mental health issues in a peaceful setting. Services include Dual Diagnosis Unit, Detoxification Unit, and Clinical Stabilization Services at the Pathway Inn and Recovery Inn.

Individualized care is provided by an interdisciplinary treatment team of professionals, including psychiatrists, physicians, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, licensed social workers, and licensed mental health and substance abuse clinicians. An enhanced treatment plan is developed with the active participation of both patient and primary counselor. Family involvement and family sessions are also encouraged as part of the patient’s Individualized Treatment Plan.


Plymouth Campus

1233 State Road. Plymouth MA, 02360. Inpatient: 508-224-7701, Outpatient: 508-224-7705

Dual Diagnosis Unit

Offers services for adults with a co-occurring psychiatric disorder and substance abuse/dependence diagnosis. The unit combines detoxification and stabilization of the addiction/psychiatric illness to successfully treat and transition patients back into their communities. Services include medication management, individual, group, and expressive therapies; family support, physician-led multi-disciplinary treatment team, and aftercare planning. Patients also attend daily in-house commitment (AA/NA) groups.

Detoxification Unit

This Inpatient medical unit for men and women provides safe withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. The treatment team is physician-directed with 24-hour nursing care, licensed counselors, and case managers. Treatment includes individual and group counseling; family support and education, and aftercare planning. Clients on methadone maintenance may detox from other addiction drugs while continuing methadone therapy. Patients also attend daily in-house commitment (AA/NA) groups.

Clinical Stabilization Services

Clinical Stabilization Services is a 24-hour rehabilitation program that incorporates individual and group counseling, 12-Step education and other psycho-educational groups, lectures, and opioid overdose prevention workshops focusing on relapse prevention and coping skills. An enhanced treatment plan is developed with active participation from the treatment team and client. Family participation is encouraged. Length of stay varies, depending on clients' clinical needs. Clients reside in Recovery Inn or Pathway Inn. They also attend daily in-house commitment (AA/NA) groups.