Outpatient substance abuse and mental health services are located across Southeastern Massachusetts in Brockton, New Bedford, Plymouth, and Taunton. At most sites, services are provided during the day and throughout the evening. We offer varied individual, group, medication management, and family services to address diverse clinical needs.

An interdisciplinary team of professionals includes licensed social workers, mental health clinicians, Master's level clinicians, certified addictions clinicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

Our southeast area Community Support Program, (CSP), provides case management for clients needing additional help to remain at home in their community.

The Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative, in collaboration with High Point, provides education, support, and referrals to opiate users, their families, and the City of Brockton as a whole. The program's primary objective is to prevent fatal overdoses from opiate use. Visit our website for more information: www.opioidoverdoseprevention.org

Communities Mobilizing for Change, (CMCA Plymouth), sponsored by High Point and South Shore Community Partners in Prevention CHNA#23, works to change community policies, procedures and practices to reduce access of alcohol to underage youth.



30 Meadowbrook Road, 02301

Phone:(508) 742-4420 | Mon.-Thurs., 8:30 AM-8:30 PM; Fri., 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Hours:Mon.-Thurs., 8:30 AM-8:30 PM; Fri., 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

Services in individualized therapy for adolescents and adults, substance abuse and psychiatric services, mental health, Driver Alcohol Education, medication management, family treatment, and early recovery groups. Suboxone and Vivitrol treatment are available. Groups include

  • Early Recovery: Learn skills related to your addiction and recovery (understanding the recovery process, stages of change, self-help, relapse prevention skills, problem-solving, goal setting, and managing stress).
  • Family: Learn ways to address your concerns and questions regarding addiction and the recovery process in a caring, supportive environment.
  • Managing depression and anxiety: Topics include "the power of positive thinking," "developing awareness of dysfunctional thinking patterns," "learning to regulate emotions," "learning mindfulness skills," and "interpersonal relationships."

A daily, intensive Structured Outpatient Addiction Program provides extra support for individuals in early recovery by offering half-day sessions or evening appointments to learn how to overcome addiction and begin the journey to recovery.


Middleborough Outpatient Clinic

52 Oak St, Middleborough MA 02346

Phone:(774) 213-8535 | Fax:(774) 213-8534

Hours:Mon.-Thurs., 9AM-6:30 PM; Fri., 8AM-4PM

Middleborough Outpatient Clinic offers services to adolescent and adult clients with mental health and substance use disorders. Services include individual, group, family/couples counseling, psychiatric medication, Medication Assisted Treatment (Suboxone, Vivitrol), and group therapy. Specialty Services include:

  • 1. Youth and Young Adult Urgent Care Walk-In Program: This is an assessment program designed for clients age 16-25, who receive an outpatient assessment and assistance with referrals to appropriate services as needed, improving access to care.
  • A-CRA (Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach) Services: Specialty evidence- based practice for clients age 16-25 who receive outpatient counseling services with the focus on reducing substance use behaviors, enabling them to live a positive, sober lifestyle. Services are delivered by certified A-CRA clinicians.

Clients can receive referrals for other services within the agency, including Community Support Program, recovery coaching, inpatient substance use treatment, inpatient mental health treatment, coordination with state agencies, and other linkages to community-based supports.


New Bedford

497 Belleville Avenue, 02740

Phone:(508) 994-0885

Hours:Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 AM-8 PM; Fri. 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Services include individual counseling, psychiatric care, and medication management, group therapy: client orientation and early support, anger management, grief and loss resolution, emotional aspects of recovery and Suboxone specialized support.

Additional services include Batterer's Intervention Program, community support program, mental health and substance abuse services, specialized care for families involved with the Department of Children and Families, parenting group, and insight into substance abuse.

Linkages to other levels of care are initiated as needed.

842 Purchase Street, 02740

Phone:(508) 992-1500

Hours:Mon-Thurs. 8:30 AM-9 PM; Fri. 8:30 AM-5:30 PM; Sat. 8 AM-1:00 PM

Services cover substance abuse and mental health (including but not limited to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and domestic violence). Individual, family, and group counseling for adults and adolescents; Driver Alcohol Education and Second Offenders Aftercare, both of which are court-referred; and a Structured Outpatient Addiction Program, which is a 3-month intensive Relapse Prevention Education Program.

Primary focuses are working with people in individual therapy, including family and couples' work, groups, and psychiatric evaluations, medication assessment and management. Ongoing psychotherapy groups include

  • Grief and Loss
  • Anger Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Co-dependency (Women Only)
  • 3-month Structured Outpatient Addiction Program

Linkages to other levels of care are initiated as needed.

10 Kilburn Street, 02740

Phone:(508) 979-1122

Mon., Tues., Thurs. 5:45 AM-3:00 PM; Wed. Closed; Fri., 5:45 AM-3:00 PM; Sat., 6:15 AM-12:00 PM; Sun., 6:15 AM-11 AM. Counseling offered during those times and other times, by appointment.

Community Substance Abuse Center (CSAC)/High Point Treatment Center (HPTC) is a collaboration, which provides Outpatient treatment and daily medication dispensing for clients withdrawing from opiates in a medically-supervised setting. With the goal of the individual achieving a drug-free life, CSAC/HPTC dispenses methadone, thereby allowing for efficient and effective treatment in a therapeutic environment.



2 School Street, 02360

Phone:(508) 830-1234

Hours:Mon.-Thurs., 8:00 AM-8:00 PM; Fri., 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Services include individual, group, and family counseling for substance abuse and/or mental health issues. Also, psychiatric evaluations; medication management; First Offender Driver Alcohol Education; Second Offender aftercare services; aftercare services for out of state Driving Under the Influence; criminal justice services; adolescent services; domestic violence; Batterers Intervention services; anger management; a young adult diversion program, and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Group services include but are not limited to relapse prevention, anger management, and substance abuse intervention.

Linkages to other levels of care are initiated as needed.

1233 State Road, 02360


Hours:Tues.-Wed., Fri. 9 AM- 5:30 PM; Mon. & Thurs. 11 AM-7:30 PM

Services include substance abuse counseling, group therapy, mental health counseling, psychiatric evaluations, family treatment, and medication management. Staff specializes in opiate addiction treatment from Suboxone induction progressing to a substance-free recovery lifestyle.

Linkages to other levels of care are initiated as needed.



4 Post Office Square, Crocker Bldg. 02780

Phone:(508) 823-5291

Hours:Mon.-Thurs., 8:00 AM-8:00 PM; Fri., 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

This outpatient program for teens and adults provides substance abuse and mental health assessments, as well as individual, couples, family, and group counseling. Groups include

  • Relapse Prevention/Addiction Education
  • Men in Early Recovery
  • Paths to Recovery
  • Substance Abuse/Anger Management
  • Stages of Change and Alcohol Treatment
  • Insight into Addiction

A team of doctors and clinical nurse specialists provide psychiatric evaluations, medication management (including Suboxone), and random drug testing. Other services include Driver Alcohol Education and Second Offender treatment programs for individuals convicted of one or more times to driving under the influence.

High Point Treatment Center's Community Support Program (CSP)

Provides case management services for individuals who need additional assistance to remain at home in their communities. The objectives are to help them remain substance-free, avoid inpatient stays, and have support with behavioral health and medical issues.
CSP coordinators first meet with clients about to be discharged from either Inpatient, Acute Treatment Services, or from our Section 35 facilities: (Men's Addiction Treatment Center) or (Women's Addiction Treatment Center).

Healthy recovery continues with CSP's assistance:

  • Clients are connected to a primary care physician if they do not have one
  • Clients are provided with transportation to appointments: doctor, dentist, housing, court, etc.
  • Clients are supported by introductions to self-help and other support-like groups within the recovery network

CSP coordinators can be reached at 774-628-1092.

Brockton Mayor's Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition (BMOOPC)

The Brockton Mayor's Opioid Overdose Prevention Coalition (BMOOPC) was established to organize concerned community leaders, citizens, families, treatment providers, local government, and law enforcement to make a collective effort to save the lives of those in Brockton suffering from opiate addiction. The objective is to prevent opiate overdoses, prevent deaths from those who have overdosed, provide support and linkages to those using opiates, as well as their loved ones; and create awareness about opioid overdose prevention.

Four identified driving forces lead to opioid overdoses in Brockton: delays in seeking medical attention due to lack of knowledge of overdose management, lack of knowledge of overdose risk factors and overdose prevention, minimal healthcare provider knowledge and skills, and barriers to contacting emergency services. The Coalition focuses on education, trainings, and outreach.

For more information, call 508-742-4405, or visit our website: http://opioidoverdoseprevention.org

Communities Mobilizing for Change (CMCA Plymouth)

CMCA Plymouth utilizes a nationally recognized environmental strategy to reduce access to alcohol by youth under 21 years of age. Specific strategies being implemented in Plymouth to address social and commercial access include a social marketing campaign, a social host liability campaign, initiatives to restrict alcohol at community events, compliance checks, and the introduction of the "Cops in Shops" program.

For more information, call 508-746-3964.